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Check out some albums that Jay played drums on below. Some of these bands no longer exist, so this is a nice archive for some old songs that Jay played with friends.

You will clearly hear that his drumming skills failed to improve over the years!

Chad McCoy

Packin' Light

Jay and Chad McCoy (real name Brad McGoey, just to make it confusing) have been making music together on and off for years. Between Brad's many globetrotting adventures, they were able to record two EPs and play some great live shows. This little 3-song ripper has a ton of guest musicians and was produced by Juno-Award winner Siegfried Meier.

Album Title: Packin' Light

Released in 2019

Check out the full album here on Bandcamp.

Track Listing:

1. Great Team!

2. Tracks

3. Who Where When

Who Where When
00:00 / 03:24
Packin Light Logo.jpg

Chad McCoy

A Few Crumbs 1 of 2

The first album that Jay and Brad recorded together was much more of a DIY effort, but the end result came together well. Brad did all of the mixing and most of the instrumentation himself, incorporating some recordings from his travels. The drums were recorded in an afternoon in Jay's basement but sound great! Just not sure when A Few Crumbs 2 of 2 comes out...

Album Title: A Few Crumbs 1 of 2

Released in 2017

Check out the full album here on Bandcamp.

Track Listing:

1. Billy Joel's Whistle

2. Diggin' The Ground

3. In A Little...Ditch

4. 100 Years of So

5. Slept In A Bush

6. Set A Course For The Stars

7. Clock Tickin'

8. Clock Tickin' (Singles Version)

Diggin' The Ground
00:00 / 03:25
Clock Tickin'
00:00 / 03:22

Jon Creeden & The Flying Hellfish


Jay and Jon worked together at a factory in Stratford back around 2015 and decided it would be cool to make some music together. Jon had been playing primarily as a solo artist so they worked together to turn some of Jon's old and new songs into what you hear below. Jay no longer plays drums for Jon, but Jon is still going strong, touring and releasing albums steadily. (

Album Title: Stall

Released in 2017

Label: Dead Broke Records, Map and Continents Records, My Fingers! My Brain! Records

Check out the full album here on Jon's site or on Spotify.

Track Listing:

1. Anxious

2. One Coast to Another

3. Nailbiter

4. All I Know

5. Circles

6. Way Home

7. Stall

8. Up to You

9. Coffee Shops

10. Sensible Underpants

00:00 / 02:48
00:00 / 03:23
Up to You
00:00 / 02:52
Stall Logo.jfif

Jon Creeden & The Flying Hellfish

BenevenStanciano / Flying Hellfish Split

An EP Jay also recorded with Jon - this one released in 2016 with a great band called BenevenStanciano. Yes, this was the name of a character on The Simpsons. And yes, the Flying Hellfish is also a Simpsons reference. 

Album Title: BenevenStanciano/Flying Hellfish Split

Released in 2016

Check out the full album here on Jon's site.

Track Listing:

Jon Creeden & The Flying Hellfish Songs:

1. Killing Time

2. Is It Worth It

3. Miles Between

4. Liminal

BenevenStanciano Songs:

5. December

6. Town Below

7. Sweeping Up

8. Screens We Trust

Killing Time
00:00 / 02:14

Just in Time

Mint Condition

Jay met these guys years ago and started jamming with them at a small gym that also acted as a jam space. They played a bunch of shows together, including a few really fun ones at the Bovine Sex Club, and recorded this album, Mint Condition. As you can probably guess by the track listing and cover art, Brad Schinkel, the songwriter, really likes Star Wars.

Though Jay left the band, Just in Time is still going strong as well. They released a live album in 2022 titled Live at Sneaky Dee's.

Album Title: Mint Condition

Released in 2015

Check out the full album here on Bandcamp or on Spotify.

Track Listing:

1. Dick McChode

2. Self-Centered Society

3. Far Away

4. She's a Tease

5. Fashion Accessory

6. Road Rage

7. Little Green Men

8. Four Barrel Carb

9. This City

10. Fifty-Eight Litres of Glory

11. Side Effects May Vary

12. Neighbours

13. Saying Goodbye

14. The Friend Zone

15. Burning Out

Dick McChode
00:00 / 03:30
She's a Tease
00:00 / 03:15
00:00 / 03:17
Burning Out
00:00 / 04:11

Bob Says Go


Jay reunited with some high school friends to form Bob Says Go around 2010. The band primarily played really long shows at bars for not very much money and though they focused on covers, they had a few originals too! The band had a unique sound, kind of funk-inspired alternative rock!?

Album Title: Demo

Released in 2010


Track Listing:

1. Cocaine and Air Guitar

2. Truth in Epitaphs

3. Bad Decisions

4. Hello Time Bomb (Cover)

5. Oh, The Boss is Coming! (Cover)

Cocaine and Air Guitar
00:00 / 02:54
Bob Says Go Picture.jpg

Running on Empty

Number Two

Jay joined up with Running on Empty in high school, recording an EP and a full-length album. The band played regularly at the Stratford Youth Centre (with a young Justin Bieber in attendance at almost every show). This was a classic ska band; by the end there were like 10 members and a full-time skanker! The influences are evident - Mad Caddies, Reel Big Fish, and don't forget Mustard Plug (check out the title of track 4).

Album Title: Number Two

Released in 2002


Track Listing:

1. Intro

2. Black Sails

3. Campfire Song

4. Gulp Dratsum

5. Raise the Flag

6. Out of Sight

7. Echo

8. Funkmobile

9. Pirate Song

10. Cuban Christmas

11. The Mexican

12. Tastes Like Burning

13. Punk Song

14. Delta T

15. Please Play Again

Black Sails
00:00 / 02:52
Gulp Dratsum
00:00 / 03:26
Pirate Song
00:00 / 03:30
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Tastes Like Burning
00:00 / 03:35

Running on Empty

Eats Like a Meal

This was the first album Jay ever played on. 6 ska tracks recorded by a bunch of high school buds. This isn't the album cover, as that may have been lost to time!

Album Title: Eats Like a Meal

Released in 2001

Track Listing:

1. Riding Fru

2. Hefe's Hairnets

3. Black Tea

4. Mr. Fuck

5. Sitting On Top Of The World

6. Dammit Janet

Riding Fru
00:00 / 03:10
Black Tea
00:00 / 03:33
Dammit Janet
00:00 / 04:15
Running on Empty Paper Thing.jpg
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